“The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you” Coco Chanel

Personal stylist Bournemouth


Have you ever noticed that some colours instantly make you glow and feel wonderful, and compliments come your way all day, whereas other colours leave you looking tired and drained?

As a personal stylist, colour analysis is one of the key tools that I use to help clients to look and feel amazing – wearing the right colours for your natural colouring can instantly enhance your beauty by eliminating lines and blemishes and creating a smooth, fresh and radiant complexion! Conversely, wearing the wrong palette of colours next to your face can have the opposite effect, enhancing blemishes and wrinkles and causing you to look tired, washed out and aged.

The difference that the right colours can make is truly mind-blowing. Not only will it improve your appearance, also will enhance your mood and makes shopping for new clothes an absolute breeze, saving you time and money!


Your colour consultation is held at my studio in Bournemouth, and it can be an individual one to one session or it can be a session for 2 together, where I will analyse your skin tone, eye and hair colour and personality to determine which seasonal palette of colours suit you best. I can also hold style party sessions for a small group of friends in an informal, fun way (min 4, max 6) please see Style Parties for details.

Once we know your seasonal colour palette, I will then advise you on how to incorporate these colours into your wardrobe, which colours of make-up to wear and even how to choose colours mindfully to boost your mood.

Following your consultation, armed with the knowledge of what colours suit you best, shopping for new clothes will be simple and fun and will save you money and time, knowing that everything that you choose will light up your complexion and bring compliments! You will receive a colour swatch booklet to take away with you to pop in your handbag so that you can easily check colours against your palette.

Personal Stylist bournemouth


  • Pre-appointment questionnaire
  • Explanation of how seasonal colour analysis works
  • Illustration of the 4 seasons using mood boards
  • Seasonal colour analysis using colour draping
  • Tips on how to incorporate your best colours into your wardrobe
  • Tips on choosing colours mindfully to fit your daily activity or boost your mood
  • Assessment of your skin tone and advice on make-up colours to flatter you best
  • Colour swatch to take away
  • Follow up report with a recap of everything you have learnt


Individual Colour Analysis Consultation £150
2-3 hours

Colour Analysis Consultation for 2 £135 per person
2-3 hours

Colour with Personal Style Assessment