If you would like to find out about a bit more about styling in a fun and relaxed atmosphere
with a group of other ladies, a Style Workshop could be just the thing for you.

With my background in training and development, I love bringing groups of ladies together
to learn and have fun together as a small group, and this is a great way for you to pick up
some hints and tips that is a little kinder on the pocket than a personal service.
Style Workshops are very versatile and can be in person, or online.

Body Shape & Style Personality Workshop

Understanding your body shape, and discovering your own signature style and how to dress for your shape and style are all key parts of finding your personal style.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What your body shape is and how to dress confidently with clothes and fabrics that flatter your shape
  • How to create the right proportion using styling
  • What your style personality type is and how to develop your own look that is right for your lifestyle and tastes

After the workshop you will receive a follow-up guide by email.

Wardrobe Workout Style Class

This Workshop is designed to show you how you can edit your own wardrobe in 3 easy stages. We will look at how to decide what to keep and what to remove, how to order your wardrobe, how to restyle pieces that you already own and what to do with the pieces that you eliminate from your collection.
In this Workshop you will learn the tools to:

  1. Edit your wardrobe and create a clutter-free organised space
  2. Learn how to restyle some pieces so that they worm their way back into your good books and work harder for you!
  3. Say farewell to pieces that you no longer love & wear.

After the workshop you will receive a follow-up guide by email.

Personal Stylist Bournemouht
Colour Confidence Style Class

Colour has the power not only to make us look younger and healthier, but it can also be used cleverly to flatter our body shape. Combining colour and body shape knowledge is a powerful tool to help you to look your best. In addition to all of this, did you know that colour can also positively affect our mood!

In this Workshop you will learn 3 useful ways to use colour in your wardrobe

  1. Create a wardrobe full of colours we love, that suit us and go together well.
  2. Learn how to use colour to enhance your body shape.
  3. Learn how to mindfully select colours to wear to bring joy / confidence / happiness / great communication to each day.

After the workshop you will receive a follow-up guide by email.

If you would like me to create a bespoke workshop or talk for you, I can create an event that is tailored to a specific group, or your business.

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