Mood Boosting Colours

Did you know that wearing colours choicefully can have a beneficial psychological effect on your emotions? You can embrace colours that you love and bring them into your wardrobe to affect your mood, and those of the people around you!

Amazingly, when we absorb a colour through our eyes a response is triggered in our brain which releases different emotions that can make us feel good, or keep us calm and in control!

Different colours have the ability to make us feel different emotions, so we can actively and mindfully select colours that help us with whatever we might be facing each day!

Red is a warm colour associated with ENERGY and POSITIVITY, drive and action.

Wear Red if you want energy, want to radiate health and happiness or need empowerment for any reason.

Pink is the colour associated with COMPASSION, and LOVE, caring, nurturing and emotional wellbeing and it’s a feminine colour also linked with romance and affection.

Wear pink if you want to show compassion and caring, or you need a bit of self-love.

Orange is a great colour for CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM. It is friendly, optimistic and creative, and inspires confidence.

Wear Orange to feel sociable and attract people, to bring optimism and confidence, to energize you or to overcome adversity or recover from emotional trauma.

Yellow is the colour of JOY and HAPPINESS and evokes feelings of friendliness, confidence, intelligence optimism and emotional strength.

Wear yellow for making decisions and clarity of mind, joy and hope, to help concentration and creativity in work.

Green is the colour for CONTENTMENT and BALANCE – it is a soothing and relaxing colour, invoking calm, and represents harmony, health and balanced emotions.

Wear it when you need to learn forgiveness, need to let go of grief or anger, if you need calm when feeling stressed or anxious, for new sense of motivation or direction, or if you feel run-down.

Blue is the colour for CALM and CONTROL, TRUST and LOYALTY – blue gives us peace and makes us confident and secure.

Wear it when you need to communicate calmly and keep your nerves under control and when you need to feel calm and composed or need peace and quiet.

Purple is the colour for INSPIRATION, CREATIVITY and SPIRITUALITY – wear it when you need healing, and you need strength and stability – maybe a broken heart or grief?

If you are going through times of change, or you need help recuperating from illness.
It is also a colour that is linked with luxury, ambition, wealth and extravagance.

Picking the colours that we wear mindfully can really help us to feel calm and collected or uplifted and bold. As you select your colours, think about what you need or how you would like to feel to bring a sense of purpose and unity every day.

My 10 Top Tips to Embrace Colour in your Wardrobe!

  1. Wear your Wow Colours near your face to illuminate your complexion.
  2. Veer away from black as it can be aging (unless you are a winter palette).
  3. Use brightly coloured scarves to add a pop of colour to a neutral outfit.
  4. Incorporate bright pops of colour in your accessories like bags and shoes, to finish your look
  5. When wearing darker neutrals, add a pop of colour in your make up – e.g. a bright lippy and/or nail polish.
  6. Use jewellery to finish your look and add polish to your outfit.
  7. Tonal dressing in one colour head to toe will elongate you and make you look tall and slim!
  8. Lighter brighter colours on your best body parts and darker colours on areas you wish to minimize.
  9. Combine opposite colours of the colour wheel for striking outfits! e.g. purple & yellow, blue & orange, pink & green
  10. Grey is the colour of reliability & can be boring – pep it up with a bright pop of yellow or pink