Selecting an outfit for a special occasion can really give us a headache – there are so many different options out there, so how do we narrow it down and choose?  I’ve put together a guide to help you – all of the  styles pictured can be shopped by clicking here.

We want to look our very best and ensure that we feel it too.  When we are confronted with such an enormous amount of choice, it can be completely overwhelming, so it is a good idea to do a little homework before you start.

There are some fundamentals of style for you to consider when selecting your outfit.

  1. Know what styles suit your body shape

Think about your shape, and what you would like to highlight in your outfit.



If your body is in proportion, you are slender and wear the same size on top and bottom, choose styles that highlight your slender figure yet also give you shape – such as belted halterneck or pleated styles.






If you are hourglass shaped, select fabrics that hug and show off your shape, and highlight your waist with a belted style.





If you are bottom heavy, look for styles that give balance – keep the bottom half simple,  and look for visual interest on the top to draw the eye upwards, such as sparkles and ruffles on the top half to help create balance.





If your shape is more top heavy, consider styles that are more fitted above the waist with shape and interest below the waist such as a ruffled hem, to help create balance.   Look for V-neck styles to elongate the neck and minimise the bust






If you are concerned about your tum, consider styles that skim over this area with fluid fabrics, such as empire line styles.





  1. Think about your own personal style and what sort of styles would suit you and ensure that you feel fabulous on the day of your event.

There’s no use going for a frilly ruffled style if your personal styling tastes mean clean lines or more androgenous styles are your go to, as you will simply end up feeling all wrong and frumpy on the big day.  Think about what feels like you so that you can be more focused when you are choosing.

Style types


                                 Classic   Sophisticated, chic, clean lines, no frills or fuss:

                                                                                          Look for well tailored pieces.






Dramatic/Creative Bright, bold, edgy, glamourous, happy to stand out from the crowd or try innovative choices:

Look for bold colours, statement sleeves, vintage accessories




                                      Romantic:   Soft, feminine, pretty, adorned with bows, frills lace.

                                                   Look for sparkles, bows, tulle, lace, chiffon, floral patterns





Natural/Casual :  Prefer comfort and ease of wear.

Look for trouser suit, jumpsuit or wrap style dress.




  1. Accessories – depending on your style personality you can have lots of fun with accessories – you may like to pick accessories in contrasting colours with your outfit – try pinks and corals with blue, or pink with green as these combinations are very striking together.


All styles pictured can be shopped by clicking here or if you prefer to shop preloved you can seek out alternatives on sites such as Vinted, Ebay or use these style principles and consider renting your special occasion outfit.