Nailing your Personal Style

A lot of women that I speak to tell me “oh I’m not that stylish” … in fact, style is often confused with fashion or trends, or what we see others wearing in magazines or on social media. The important thing is not copying what others are wearing, but about finding what
makes YOU feel your best. Your own style is about creating your own look that works for you, and makes you look and feel great.

There are some simple factors that can help you to nail your personal style.

Firstly, understanding your body shape – this is vital because once you know your body shape, you can understand what shapes, styles, fabrics, patterns and embellishments fit and flatter your figure, to create perfect balance and proportion. Each of the different body shapes has it’s own set of rules on how to put outfits together.

Secondly is knowing your style personality, which reflects your personal tastes and lifestyle allowing your uniqueness to shine. Knowing which styles make you feel comfortable and happy and which things don’t make you feel good is a key part of nailing your personal style. Wearing what you love and feel connected to is where you will really find your confidence in your style. A great tip here is to create a Pinterest board and add images to it every time you find something that you like, or that inspires you – and gradually you will form a good picture of what you really like.

Another key part of your personal style is understanding which colours are best for you. Colours can make you feel more energised
and dramatically enhance your overall appearance. Once you know the colour palette that is right for you, you can always select
colours that make you look radiant, and avoid those that drain you.

Once you know your personal style, you can invest in pieces that will last in your wardrobe that you know fit and flatter your style.

Whatever your shape or style, don’t forget that accessories can play a really key part in giving polish to your look. Accessories can be a huge part of any outfit and even though often they are small, they should not be overlooked. Bags, belts, scarves, jewellery and hats can really finish an outfit and can help you to style outfits in different ways enabling you to get so much more out of them and making dressing fun!