I’m very happy to express my thoroughly enjoyable visit to this company. What fun and new style and colour suggestions so going forward, no wasted money and full of confidence in choosing the right clothing for me. Cathy entertained me right royally and I shall remember my visit for a very long time. My future fashion trips to the shops will be very happy affairs. June Fleming.


I had a wonderful morning with Cathy and learnt so much! Cathy is friendly, knowledgeable and manages to squeeze so much into the consultation. The follow up information was personalised and so helpful to refer to – thank you Cathy!


My colour analysis with Cathy was so fun. She’s so chatty and friendly and I immediately felt comfortable opening up to her. The process itself was really interesting I wasn’t the colour season I expected and I learnt about so many colours I ordinarily wouldn’t wear. Really worthwhile investment.


Cathy was professional, friendly, and really understood my concerns. Her desire to help, along with her passion for style, gave me the confidence to go shopping without stress. I now know what styles and colours make me look and feel fantastic! Thank you Cathy.


Had a wonderful styling session and colour analysis with Cathy. She made me feel at ease instantly and I found the session very informative and interesting. I learned so much about how to style myself and what colours suit me and what colours don’t!
My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago! (I turned 60 this year)
I was left feeling much more confident about my body shape and how to dress in a way that celebrates my body shape.
I would 100% recommend Cathy to anyone.


Cathy is amazing! I could not have felt any more confident or beautiful on my wedding day and it was all down to her. Feeling very overwhelmed with the daunting decision on choosing a wedding dress I approached Cathy to help. This was my second marriage and now being middle aged I was unsure of what I wanted but I knew I didn’t want to wear white or the traditional wedding dress style. Cathy was able to guide me to the correct colours and style for me and my body shape.  She was excited as I was with my upcoming wedding and would send me links to beautiful different styles of dresses, designers that she had taken time to research for me. She was always patient with me. When we had a short list, we ordered the dresses and Cathy would be there when I excitedly tried them all on. Not only guiding me on my dress but which accessories would go perfectly. I couldn’t have done it without her. She saved me time, self doubt and not only did I learn a lot, I also learnt to love me a bit too.


Cathy is wonderful! Knowledgeable, insightful but also personable, warm and so much fun! I walked away with a clear idea of what’s suits me the most  –  Thank you Cathy 🙏

Cathy was very friendly, professional and has such a lot of knowledge on style. I really can’t thank her enough for giving me the tools to feel confident and beautiful. xxx
I cannot recommend Cathy’s services enough.
Cathy put me at ease in her studio and went through the best colours, clothes and style ideas to help me feel more like “me” at work and at home. She didn’t rush and the appointment was such fun. She provided a really detailed report at the end of our time together and her knowledge and enthusiasm shone through.
The wardrobe edit was fantastic and has really helped me take the worry out of what to wear. She suggested ways to look for new pieces and I will never impulse buy again. If you are sceptical, don’t be. Cathy’s services really are life changing.

Had a fantastic morning with Cathy helping me style the clothes in my wardrobe, was so useful and amazing.


I found my time with Cathy, The Wardrobe Genie, so beneficial! I came away with so many fresh ideas on what styles and colours I should be wearing. Cathy was friendly and professional, and really knows her stuff. You won’t regret treating yourself, and in the long run it will probably save you money in bad purchases avoided!


I had such a wonderful experience being pampered, analysed and styled! It was such an amazing day, which taught me so much! I feel so much more confident to walk into a shop and pick things that will work for me now, all thanks to The Wardrobe Genie! I would have no hesitation to recommend your services.


I can’t gush enough about Cathy’s services and how much fun she makes it.It was so enlightening to understand colour and how it effect’s your skin tone, and learning what works for me. Cathy is so knowledgeable and sooo passionate about what she does, it really shines through. She helped me choose clothes for my colouring, my body type and took into account my lifestyle and what outfits I would need for different scenarios. She has totally taken the stress out of shopping, and is going to save me so much money on impulse purchases that probably never go together or suit my colouring. I really feel every lady should have a Cathy in their life!!


Cathy is a ray of sunshine and I absolutely loved our 3 hours of styling and colour matching. I came away on a high with more knowledge of my shape, style personality and colour season and now can’t wait to put this into action. I have a renewed sense of fun in my clothes and make up and feel more like myself than I have since lock-down, which like for many of us, took away that feeling of fun and expression we get from looking good. Cathy also managed to make me feel like a goddess by boosting my confidence and encouraging me to be absolutely myself and most importantly to positively and kindly talk to myself when I look in the mirror. I am going to try; but even if there are days I fail at that, I now have Cathy’s advice to see me through. Everyone should go and see the wardrobe genie! Thank you, Cathy.


Cathy aka the wardrobe genie is a fantastic friendly clever lady who makes you feel so comfortable. The colour and style analysis was great fun and really interesting.


I really enjoyed my wardrobe edit with Cathy. She is such a kind and bright person that takes a lot of time to make sure you are comfy.

We started off with an hour long video chat to discuss what I was hoping to achieve and it was so easy going there was no concern whether to go ahead or not – I booked my styling session in right away.

Ahead of the session there were some preparations to do to make sure we’d use the time wisely and everything was easy explained.

It was such a fab afternoon and I came away loving my wardrobe and having a better appreciation what works for my body shape and skin tone. I am feeling more confident and was excited that hardly anything needed editing but instead just combining with different items and accessories. There were lots of great tips and I’ve been raving about this experience to my friends. Finally I received a super comprehensive report reminding me of all the different things I learnt.

Really loved the experience and would recommend Cathy to anyone – she is such a lovely person!


Cathy was both informative and helpful whilst being upbeat and fun!
Myself and a girlfriend went to her consultation evening, both of us loved every minute and I cannot recommend Cathy highly enough!

Everybody needs a Wardrobe Genie in their life!!


I had a lovely afternoon with Cathy for a personal style and colour analysis.  She really took a lot of care and time explaining how to put theory into practice, giving me some great tips and ideas to try at home. It was amazing to see what effect different colours had on my skin, my eyes and even how I felt!   I left feeling confident I’ll be able to make my existing wardrobe work better for me and that I’ll be able to shop for clothes more effectively in future.   I’m looking forward to trying out new styles and colours.  I would highly recommend Cathy – she’s warm, friendly and really helpful.


I had a consultation with Cathy and feel so uplifted and positive about myself for the first time in a long time.  Cathy is very approachable and easy going and made the whole thing informative and fun! I would definitely recommend the Wardrobe Genie!


Thank you Cathy for yesterday’s consultation which I found very enlightening.
Tomorrow I am heading out to the shops with my colour chart in hand, and looking forward to a more colourful future life!


I really enjoyed my personal styling consultation with Cathy. She had prepared a comprehensive profile of styles of different categories of clothes that would suit my body shape and ran through it with me in detail. She is warm and friendly and put me at my ease, listening to me and drawing out my concerns. There was a relaxed yet professional atmosphere in her consultation room. It was a revelation and I’m looking forward to trying these ideas out.


I have just spent a fantastic afternoon having a personal Styling Assessment and Seasonal Colours Analysis. With Cathy’s expert guidance I have learnt about my body shape, discovered my true style and been given clear advice about styles and shapes of clothes to avoid and those to enhance my figure. Through a fun quiz, a detailed look at my skin tone, hair and eye colour we looked at not only which colours lift my face and make me look my best and which to avoid, but within each of these colours the best shades for me. Illness and middle age had robbed me of any sense of pride or interest in the clothes I wore. Cathy has with her excellent knowledge and great sense of humour given me back the desire and knowledge I need to make changes in my wardrobe which will have a huge impact on my confidence and how I feel about myself. Thank you Cathy!


After another birthday feeling fat frumpy and fifty something I came across “ TheWardrobe Genie” site and I was tempted!! So glad I was!! I had a lovely fun few hours with Cathy.  We had a good chat on the phone first and then a visit to work out my colours and style. Cathy made me look at myself in a whole new light!! It is very interesting how we view ourselves, compared to how others see us, we are our own worst enemy and Cathy made me look at the positives which we tend to forget as we are so focused on the negatives.
It was a very informative, relaxed and fun time and I could sit back and really enjoy it as Cathy sends you a very comprehensive “Style and Colours Assessment” with lots of details and hints about how to make the best of your assets.  It’s going to take time to work out the newer updated me, but I have made some changes already, and find even looking for clothes now I think back to my assessment and key colours. It is very good value for money for the time Cathy spends with you and preparing to see you and then your detailed assessment. I am definitely going to have another session with Cathy …… May be a shopping trip!!
I would thoroughly recommend “The Wardrobe Genie” to anyone who needs a bit of help getting back on track with their style.


Cathy’s expertise shines through. She is a true professional in her craft, with a warm and friendly approach. She took the time to find out about me prior to our meeting and do research so that she was fully prepared when we met in person. I chose the Body Shape, Style and Colour Analysis which was a perfect combination. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with her and learnt a lot about myself. I now look at myself in a different light. She has given me the confidence to choose clothes, shoes and accessories to suit my shape, personal style and colouring. I actually look forward to shopping now as I know what will suit me.
I would highly recommend Cathy. She’s brilliant!


I have recently experienced one of Cathy’s mini colour workshops and was fascinated at what colours worked for me and totally changed the way I looked. I gather the body shape is an eye opener and can totally transform your body image. Cathy always has time for people, understands them and seems to have the ability to steer them in the right direction. I think anyone signing up to one of her consultations will be in for an extremely worthwhile and fascinating experience and will walk away feeling uplifted, more confident and positive in their outlook.


I wanted to say a huge thank you for our colour and style day, it was so informative and fun! The quiz I took on personality types was so interesting, it was engaging and easy to follow. The colours section of the day was really professionally run and really relaxed throughout. This was paired with a body type section and a style evaluation, really bringing together the whole day. It gave me a great idea of where to go next, by re-evaluating my personal style and being confident in my future choices. The whole day felt extremely tailored and personal, and it was clear Cathy had a lot of knowledge and passion for the subject. One thing in particular that was especially helpful was having an example of the colour jewellery that suited my colouring. Overall, it was a really lovely and fun experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Cathy conducted a colour and style analysis for me and my sisters, and I was absolutely blown away not just by the level of professionalism but she went totally above and beyond what was expected. She started with doing our colours and dedicated a lot of time to each of us to make sure it was done correctly. We also completed some online questionnaires to gauge our personalities and style preferences. She then did a body type analysis for each of us which all in all took the entire day, and Cathy remained energetic and enthusiastic throughout. If this wasn’t enough, a day later we each received a personalised package containing all the information we needed for styling, make up, colours etc. which finished with a custom mood board of outfit ideas. The day was a total success and so much fun, so I would highly recommend to anyone considering!


I highly recommend Cathy, not only she is conscientious and thorough and gave the best service to me, it was such a fun day, it was absolutely incredible. She has given me my confidence back and I’m so grateful.


I absolutely loved the day, Cathy went so above and beyond what I was expecting in terms of how personalised it was and that she went beyond just the colour analysis. I’ve always liked winter colours and am attracted to the winter aesthetic so I’m really glad I’m a winter! I’ve never noticed why different colours and clothes styles didn’t suit me but now it all makes sense!

Thank you so so much, you made it such a fun and engaging day and I was so impressed by your knowledge in all the areas we were asking about. Honestly it has been such a lovely day and you taught us so much, it was amazing!!